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When It’s Time to Buy a New Furnace | Corona, CA

When the time comes to purchase a new industrial furnace, there are several points that need to be considered beforehand. Like, the operating temperature that will be used most often. Because, despite what many may think, it isn’t “one size fits all”. The following are a few of the common things one should consider when preparing to purchase an industrial furnace:

Temperature ranges. It is important to know what temperature you will need for your typical project, in addition to future projects you may have.

Future considerations. Because you can’t always use one furnace for all of your projects, you may want to consider a larger unit with respect to issues of maintenance, reliability, and temperature uniformity as compared to a higher temperature unit.

Furnace geometry. The box unit is great for loading samples in a batch operation, while a tube unit is generally better for a continuous application.

Uniformity. Many options are available ranging from the introduction of cooled gases, to vents, fans, or a combination, to achieve a controlled cool-down cycle.

Controls. Will a standard single set point temperature controller work, or will a programmable unit be required? Making sure you know what you’re looking for will narrow in your options.

Atmosphere. Another consideration should be the atmosphere that will be used in the unit, as this can have a significant bearing on purchase and maintenance costs.

Customization. The final item to be considered – cosmetic issues. Standard products are available from most vendors of lab furnaces, while some manufacturers offer standard units as well as fully customized units that can be specified and engineered to exact customer requirements.

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