- January 2020 -

Month: January 2020

Automotive Gas Spring Manufacturer FA Krosno Installs Nitrex System

FA Krosno, a European leader in automobile parts manufacturing, strengthens its long term cooperation with Nitrex Metal by adding a new nitriding system at its polish facility. NITREG® BOOSTS DURABILITY OF PISTON RODS AGAINST HIGH WEAR AND FRICTION, EXTENDS SERVICE LIFE FA Krosno completed the installation of a Nitrex nitriding system at the manufacturing facility

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Nitrex Acquires G-M Enterprises to Strengthen Products Portfolio

NITREX ACQUIRES G-M ENTERPRISES TO STRENGTHEN PRODUCTS PORTFOLIO Montreal, Canada – On January 8, 2020, Nitrex, a lead provider of fully integrated heat-treating solutions and technologies globally, acquired G-M Enterprises, a strong player in the vacuum furnaces market, headquartered in Corona, California. The acquisition is in line with Nitrex’ strategy to further expand its integrated

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