UPC-MARATHON control solutions are modular packages based on our Protherm 470, 510, 610, and 710 controllers with onboard IO or connected to a new or existing PLC.  All solutions are designed to significantly improve your operations, meet industry standards, and ultimately provide you with precise and reliable process control. Control solutions come in several formats including full control panels, retrofit plates, and controller-only packages. Standard and custom configurations are available for new or upgrade applications and include state-of-the-art equipment backed by our extensive technological expertise.

Possible annealing modules include:

  • Process Atmosphere Analysis
  • Process Control
  • Process Atmosphere Control
  • AccuCarb LTA
  • FurnaceDoctor FX
  • Flow Control


  • Precise atmosphere control – PF or reduction/oxidation potential (redox)
  • Cost-effective configurations for new installations and retrofits
  • Recipe control for repeatability
  • Batch production logs in PDF and CSV formats
  • Real-time and historical paperless chart recorder displaying process variables
  • High accuracy and reliability
  • Alarm notification and processing
  • Multi-level password-protected interface
  • Onboard IO Probe interface
  • Probe Care advanced oxygen probe monitoring system
  • Built-in web server for remote monitoring
  • Internal data storage
  • Remote support ready
  • Seamless integration with Protherm 9800 SCADA system
  • Interfaces with SCADA systems via Modbus or optional Profibus
  • Modbus RTU and TCP
  • Optional CANopen/DeviceNet interfaces
  • Optional Profibus slave or master



  • High-limit temperature controller
  • Process atmosphere analysis
  • Process atmosphere control

UPC-Marathon control solutions are designed and built with compliance in mind. We focus on the heat-treating industry so we understand and keep up to date with AMS 2750, AMS 2759, NFPA 86, CQI-9, and Nadcap standards. Our systems offer the necessary features to help heat treaters of all types and sizes maintain compliance. If you have an older system and require an update following a standard revision, please contact us for a quote.

CONTROLLER: PROTHERM 470, 510, 610, 710
All controller options have similar control features and available options. The difference between the controllers is simply the size and type of interface. See the Protherm controller page or brochure for more details.


Our light control solutions package offers the most possible features and utilizes our specialized onboard IO cards. Light solutions include recipe control, process atmosphere, temperature and quench controls, digital chart recorder, batch production logs, and much more in one compact package. Light solutions can be customized for specific functions and additional control options or integrated with an existing PLC.


Plate solutions include the Light Solution, plus a pre-wired electrical plate including relays and terminals for integration into an existing panel. The plate is designed to mount on the side or inside the door of an existing control panel. Plate solutions are ideal for replacing old controls without the cost of upgrading an existing panel’s power supply and motor control components. Plate solutions can be customized with a new PLC or communicate directly with an existing PLC.


Panel solutions include the Light Solution, plus a pre-wired small electrical panel including relays and terminals for mounting near or on an existing panel or furnace. Panel solutions are ideal for replacing old controls without the cost of upgrading an existing panel’s power supply and motor control components. Panel solutions can be customized with a new PLC or communicate directly with an existing PLC.


Full panel control solutions include everything you need to completely update your existing furnace control panel. These packages include a full height control panel with power distribution, motor control, and control components. Full panel solutions are customized to meet your specific needs and functions and come with a new PLC.



The process atmosphere module is based on the AccuCarb LTA or FurnaceDoctor FX. AccuCarb LTA is a specially designed oxygen probe for use in annealing atmospheres and the FurnaceDoctor FX stationary infrared analyzer is recommended for use with endothermic or exothermic gases. The FurnaceDoctor FX is a highly accurate system that measures CO, CO2, and hydrocarbons. If used in conjunction with UPC’s Protherm series of controllers, PF calculation is possible.
AccuCarb LTA
The AccuCarb LTA is an oxygen sensor designed specifically for annealing atmospheres and temperatures. While the electrode designs of standard oxygen probes fall short due to the high impedance of the device at annealing temperatures, the unique electrode contact and solid electrolyte substrate of the AccuCarb LTA resolves this problem. The sensor is also gas-tight for hydrogen applications to ensure safe operation.

  • High accuracy and reliability
  • Special low-temperature electrode assembly
  • Gas-tight design for safety in hydrogen-based atmospheres
  • Long sensor life

FurnaceDoctor FX Multi-Point Gas Analysis
FurnaceDoctor FX is suitable for installations using exothermic and endothermic gases. It provides complete 3-gas analysis (CO, CO2, CH4), and when used in conjunction with a Protherm instrument, offers the ability for PF control.

  • Accurate, affordable infrared measurement of CO, CO2, and CH4
  • Computation of % Carbon and expected oxygen probe millivolts
  • Single- or multi-point measurements
  • Built-in Ethernet
  • Encrypted data – fully CQI 9 compliant


Process gas lines are equipped with solenoid valves, check valves, manual valves, and electronic flow meters.

Main Components

  • N2 emergency flow line
  • Purge flow monitoring device
  • Electronic flow control of combustible gases
  • Process lines are equipped with solenoid valves, manual valves, and electronic flow meters
  • System is factory assembled, prewired, and tested
  • Optional Safety features:
  • Purge confirmation
  • Safe admission temperatures
  • Proof of flow
  • Check valves
  • Limiting orifice valves
  • Automatic purge

Active Option

  • Accurate flow measurement and control
  • Large, bright flow display
  • Internal PID maintains constant flow to set point despite pressure variations
  • Setpoint from control instrument or flow meter keyboard
  • Built-in web server with historical alarm log
  • Modbus/TCP communications standard
  • High, Low, and deviation alarms
  • Flow totalization
  • Accessible by SCADA packages