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The Protherm 9800 is modular production management software for supervising, controlling, and archiving heat-treating processes and heat-treatment installations. It delivers everything required to optimize the performance and efficiency of a heat-treatment plant operating a variety of furnaces as well as automatic handling machinery. By combining process control, equipment integration, and automation capabilities, the Protherm 9800 is a comprehensive approach to plant-wide supervisory control and management.




  • Highly detailed visual displays of all connected furnaces and other equipment
  • Scalable set of functions ranging from preparation, process control and quality control with the ability to integrate into resource and planning systems
  • Module for fully-automated production system
  • Easily interfaces with existing planning and production systems
  • Possibility of simulating heat treatments to optimize processes and obtain desired end results
  • System can easily be operated by anyone with a basic knowledge of Windows® programs



The system structure is based on three scalable tiers with add-on modules for specific requirements. The Protherm 9800 Chart Recorder basically offers batch production logs, alarm and event logging. It can be upgraded to the full Protherm 9800 SCADA & Process Control System (PCS) which includes chart recorder features and the recipe interface for various furnaces, internal programmer functions, the Process-Electronic Diffusion Simulation Model, lab reports, maintenance scheduler and more. The SCADA & PCS tier can be further upscaled to the Protherm Manufacturing Execution System (MES) that offers such modules as Equipment Usage Calculation, Outage Documentation, Consumption Evaluation, Part Serial Number Tracking, Load Planning & Tracking System, Lights-out Automation and Statistical Process Control.



  • Database: Module for storing and accessing materials, treated parts and treatments database
  • Monitoring of Jobs: Process control through the use of treatments and controllers
  • Alarms: Real-time monitoring of jobs being processed
  • Furnace Capacity: Furnace load capacity analysis
  • Load Sequence/Job Planning: Module for planning optimal load sequences and jobs
  • Archiving: Archiving of heat treatments (furnace logbook)
  • Reporting: Reporting of heat treatment processes
  • User Access Management: Define user access, rights and privileges through password protection



  • Quality Control Module: Comprehensive quality control system. Fully configurable.
  • Utilization Module: Calculation of furnace utilization including statistics on tonnage, down times, occupancy and utilization for a single furnace, group of furnaces, treatment, part or group of parts.
  • Scheduling Module: Optimization of process scheduling with a graphic display of the planned and measured values, furnace downtime and warnings and errors.
  • Alarm Notification Module: Transfers alarms to a specified communication device, e.g., phone, mobile, or email.
  • Remote Service Module: Remote support and system maintenance using a modem, ISDN router or Internet tunnelling.
  • Integration Module: Integration of customer-specific extensions and modifications. Possibility of incorporating additional equipment such as a PLC and controlling and recording their values.


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