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All the best features you’ve come to expect from the AccuCarb® and AtmoProbe™ are now combined into one new product series, the A²™. This solid zirconia electrolyte probe is the result of extensive research and developmental testing, and with its many patented innovations, the A²™ represents a huge breakthrough in probe design.

The design of the A²™ has been proven in the field over the past 40 years to provide the most robust and reliable atmosphere measurement solution available. In “side-by-side” trials in carburizing atmosphere applications, the A²™ has repeatedly provided the most accurate measurement of true carbon potential over an extended period of time without any “process factor” adjustments required.

Available in a selection of sizes and configurations in either alloy or ceramic sheath materials, the A²™ is designed to meet most industrial atmosphere measurement applications across a wide range of operating temperatures.



  • In a multiple probe installation, the A² was determined to be more accurate, by carbon shim analysis, than other commercially available probes
  • The advanced design of A² makes it thermally and mechanically tougher than traditional first- and second-generation probes which means it can be installed and removed quickly
  • Type K sheathed thermocouple standard at no charge
  • Adjustable insertion depth allows one probe to fit ALL furnaces
  • This reduces your replacement parts inventory
  • Any one-inch NPT pipe thread can be used to mount the probe in a furnace wall


MODEL # AND DESCRIPTION Part No.T/C TypeT/C Type T/C Type T/C TypeLength Length
A2-6-20-KSR20”508 mm
A2-6-26-KSR26” 660 mm
A2-6-32-KSR32”812 mm
A2-6-38-KSR38”965 mm
CA2-6-20-KSR20”508 mm
CA2-6-26 -KSR32”660 mm
CA2-6-32-KSR32”812 mm

The A²™ probe features a wide variety of accessories including:

  • Probe reference air system
  • Probe conditioning system (burnout air)
  • Probe sampling systems
  • Probe 330RA high-temperature mounting flanges and hardware
  • Ceramic reheat well
  • Shim stock testing hardware (holder, shims, port)

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