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Portable Infrared Gas Analyzer

The FurnaceDoctor®-Pro provides portable accurate infrared measurement of CO, CO2, and CH4 and computes the % carbon, dew point, and expected O2 probe millivolts. The unit is ideal for use in applications where a secondary reading is required to verify in-process measurement and controls for standards compliance. The FurnaceDoctor®-Pro can be used with both endothermic and exothermic atmospheres.


Currently unavailable. Arrival of a new and improved model in early 2023.



  • Accurate, affordable infrared measurement of CO, CO2, and CH4
  • Computation of % carbon, dew point and expected O2 probe millivolts
  • Easy-to-read 7-inch LCD display with touchscreen
  • Built-in Ethernet
  • USB 2 high-speed port for data logging and retrieval
  • CQI-9 compliant encrypted data logging and on-screen charts
  • Long-life, quick-change lithium ion battery with charge indicator (spare batteries available)
  • High-volume long-lasting filter and a secondary, self-contained, long-lasting sub-micronic filter
  • Handy process calculator
  • Built-in purge port meets safety requirements
  • Accurate calculation of atmosphere carbon potential
  • Verification of oxygen probe accuracy
  • Easy identification of furnace atmosphere problems and furnace condition
  • Evaluation of Endo and Exo generator performance and catalyst condition
  • Optimize nitrogen methanol system performance
  • Easy retrieval of data logged gas analysis


Suitable for

  • Annealing
  • Austempering
  • Carbon correction
  • Carbonitriding
  • Carburizing
  • Martempering
  • Neutral hardening
  • Normalizing
  • Precipitation hardening
  • Stress-relieving


- Endothermic 0-2%0-30%0-10%
- Exothermic0-20%0-20%0-10%
Resolution20 ppm0.02%0.02%
Accuracy1% of range2% of range2% of range
Operating temperature40-120 ºF (4-49 ºC)40-120 ºF (4-49 ºC)40-120 ºF (4-49 ºC)
Relative humidity5% - 90% non-condensing5% - 90% non-condensing5% - 90% non-condensing
Stability<±2% over 12 months<±2% over 12 months<±2% over 12 months
RepeatabilityZero ±0.3%, Span ±1.5%Zero ±0.3%, Span ±1.5%Zero ±0.3%, Span ±1.5%
Power requirementsAnalyzer: 15VDC internal batteryAnalyzer: 15VDC internal batteryAnalyzer: 15VDC internal battery
Charger: 10-220 VAC, 50-60 HzCharger: 10-220 VAC, 50-60 HzCharger: 10-220 VAC, 50-60 Hz

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