You’ve repaired, relined, and rebuilt your hot zone to extend its lifespan and performance for as long as you can. When this is no longer a practical fix, call on the hot zone experts at Nitrex to build a replacement hot zone for your existing vacuum furnace that is designed to deliver state-of-the-art performance and reduce operation and maintenance costs.

Nitrex hot zones are the industry’s workhorses, designed to outperform competitive offerings with a lower cost of ownership. We can deliver a more durable, cost-effective, and thermally efficient alternative for even the most difficult processing applications.

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  • One-piece, heavy-duty, double-wall plenum design provides highly efficient, more uniform cooling-gas flow
  • Single-wall (plenum-less) and double-wall hot zones are built with 30% thicker sheet metal, which assures structural integrity and eliminates distortion from heating and cooling cycles on the plenum while reducing movement and damage of the hot face, insulation, or shield pack
  • Patented screw-in Venturi graphite and moly nozzles surround the hot zone for higher velocity with better and more uniform gas distribution
  • Screw-in nozzles also reduce the likelihood of breakage and falling out, eliminating the need for retaining wire pin holders
  • Patented “two-point” heating element support system allows the element to “float,” reducing stress, potential grounding, and arcing caused by element warping, tilting, and hanger rotation
  • Insulation, graphite element supports, and nozzles can be easily replaced or repaired by hand without tools for easy maintenance and longer component life
  • Use of advanced materials and designs reduces the need for frequent maintenance
  • High-efficiency insulation and all-metal shielding with channel separators minimize heat loss and reduce energy costs
  • 3D-scanning measurement technology replicates the existing hot zone with accuracy, ensuring that critical hot-zone tolerances are maintained
  • CFC leading edge is standard and available optionally to cover the rest of the insulation


Whether it’s a standard or custom-engineered hot zone with graphite or all-metal construction, Nitrex can build it better than the original. Our design experts thoroughly review your application and process requirements, as well as your maintenance history and challenges, to help determine the best-performing hot zone for your process goals.



A graphite hot zone is more energy-efficient than an all-metal design, costs considerably less to replace, is easier to repair, and lasts longer

  • Solid floating element-support system allows for independent movement of elements, minimizing stress and maximizing element life
  • Innovative radial heating element design using high-density material maximizes temperature uniformity
  • Extra-wide elements provide a larger radiating surface, which minimizes hot/cold areas and maintains exceptional part temperature uniformity
  • Venturi graphite nozzle design accelerates gas velocity for faster quench and, with more installed nozzles, maximum part temperature uniformity is attained while quenching


An all-metal hot zone is ideal for high-purity process applications that must meet the most stringent demands for part quality and metallurgical control

  • Patented 2-point standard ML moly element support allows for stress-free ML moly element thermal growth and extends element life
  • Dual V-shaped reinforced ML moly element ribs increase strength, minimize sagging, and extend service life
  • Screw-in molybdenum nozzles are ideal for easy installation and minimal maintenance
  • Moly screw-in nozzles for Venturi effect yield faster gas flow and quench speeds
  • Optional Saffil® insulation allows for high-purity applications and lower energy cost


The Nitrex Aftermarket Team has the experience and capabilities to tackle both the repair and rebuild of hot zones of most vacuum-furnace brands. Contact us for your next upgrade project.