Probe Buddy™ is a smart testing device that checks the integrity and health ofn oxygen probes from United Process Controls and other manufacturers. It is also used to imitate the output signals of a working probe to check the scaling and operation of the process control system.

  • Troubleshoot problems with your probe and control system
  • Through simulation of the probe, all the elements of the control system can be verified including wiring between the probe and controller and calibration of the controller inputs
  • An impedance test assesses the probe’s usability and performance
  • Eliminate unnecessary replacement of non-defective probes and provide the probe vendor with troubleshooting information about system performance
  • Carbon, dew point and oxygen calculations are featured in both measuring and simulation modes


  • Hand-held device operates as a probe test meter and a probe signal simulator
  • Enables non-experts to perform probe troubleshooting procedures like an expert
  • Accepts selectable TC and mV inputs from any oxygen probe
  • Outputs selectable TC and mV signals to simulate an oxygen probe
  • Performs a probe impedance test when connected to a probe
  • Computes carbon, dew point and oxygen in input and output mode
  • Specific probe connection cables available, no hard wiring required
  • Easy access connection

Additional information

Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 5.57998884 × 4.02999194 × 2.78999442 in
Power 9V Battery
Operating temperature 5-550 °C (41-1,310 °F)
Storage temperature -20-700 °C (-4-1,580 °F)
Dimensions 16.2 x 8.3 x 2.6 cm
(6.37” x 3.25” x 1.03”)
Weight 1.04 kg (2.3 lb.)
Available processes Oxygen, dewpoint, carbon
Thermocouples B, K, R, S
Millivolt range 0-2000mV