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The H2Smart™ measures hydrogen content with high accuracy in process atmospheres. It features an integrated sampling system with flow control to ensure reliable sampling and measurement. The H2Smart™ can be stand-alone or integrated into a new or existing control system.

H2Smart™ is available in 3 models:

  • Base model for % H2 measurement.
  • LT model which includes base capabilities plus simplified KN calculation.
  • PRO model which includes LT capabilities plus extended calculation of atmosphere content, KN, KC, KO and dissociation.





  • Internal calculation of process parameters
  • Built-in pump and sampling flow control enssures reliable sampling
  • Internal temperature control ensures stability and protects against condensation and contamination
  • Alarms for system failure, sampling flow out of range, etc.
  • No need for a reference gas cell, which simplifies installation and usage
  • Analog signals and industrial communications protocols supported
  • Sensing block and electronics embedded in the same enclosure
  • Integrated web server with access to diagnostics, configuration, and maintenance
  • Analog signals and industrial protocols available
  • O2 sensor and O2 sensor temperature inputs available
  • High accuracy and repeatability
  • Can be retrofitted on existing equipment and new installations
  • Built-in communication devices interface with process supervisory and automation systems
  • Built-in Ethernet connections
  • Remote diagnostics/troubleshooting possible
  • Active closed-loop sampling flow control with warning and alarm
  • System status displayed on a large, easy-to-read LCD display


Power requirements:2.5 amps max.@ 24 VDC
Outputs: 2 x analog, sourcing, individually isolated,
4 -20 mA (R<500 Ohm)
4 x digital OUT, 24 VDC, 0.7 A max.
Inputs: 1 x analog, dedicated temperature sensor (optional)
2 x digital, 24 VDC
Weight:8.8 lb. / 4 kg
Dimensions:7.5” H x 6.7” W x 5.5” D
190 H mm x 170 mm W x 140 mm D
Process connection¼” tubing (6 mm tubing adaptor available)
Accuracy:+/- 0.5% of reading plus +/- 0.3% of full scale
Linearity: < 0.5% of full scale
Repeatability: < 0.5% of full scale
Zero drift: < 0.5% of full scale per month
Sampling flow: 0.5 L/min/(1 CFH) controlled
Response time: 95% in 30 sec @ 0.5 L/min/(1 CFH)

Factory Calibration

H2Smart™ comes factory calibrated and is ready to use out of the box. To prolong its performance and ensure continued measurement accuracy, we recommend an annual factory calibration complete with certificate.


% H2 measurement
Simplified KN calculation*
Full KN, KC, KO, calculation**
Modbus TCP/IP
Profibus, Modbus RTU or CAN Bus
O2 Probe (FNC option)
Plate assembly
Chart recorder

  • Standard

⏹ Optional

* Simplified KN calculation – for NH3 and dNH3 atmospheres only

** Full KN, KC, or KO calculation – for NH3, dNH3, CO, CO2, N2 and H2O atmospheres

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