Join Nitrex Mexico at The International Automotive Industry Supply Summit
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- Join Nitrex Mexico at The International Automotive Industry Supply Summit -

Join Nitrex Mexico at The International Automotive Industry Supply Summit

Join Nitrex Mexico at The International Automotive Industry Supply Summit

As the Mexican automotive industry continues its rapid expansion and evolution, Nitrex is thrilled to announce our return to the second edition of the International Automotive Industry Supply Summit. Visit us at booth 496 to explore cutting-edge solutions in automotive heat treatment technologies.

Smart ONC: Pioneering Cleaner Air and Brake Performance

This year, our booth will highlight Smart ONC®, a transformative heat treatment solution tailored for grey-cast iron rotors, commonly used in electric vehicles (EVs). In EV designs, the use of regenerative braking systems reduces the usage of brakes, which can lead to rust accumulation on brake rotors. When brakes are eventually applied, rust particles are dislodged and released into the air, posing air quality concerns. Smart ONC® addresses this specific issue by enhancing rotor performance and significantly reducing the emission of these non-effluent particles.

Leading Expertise in Automotive Heat Treatment

Nitrex is recognized as a leader in advanced eco-friendly heat-treating processes including ferritic nitrocarburizing, nitriding, and vacuum heat treatments. These technologies are essential for meeting the stringent requirements of automotive parts, ensuring durability and optimal performance. Latest advancements in process control, cleanliness, traceability, and efficiency are also enabling more resource-efficient use of process gases and energy, minimizing environmental impact. While our expertise positions us as a key player in supporting the automotive industry’s needs for reliable and efficient manufacturing solutions, our commitment is also intertwined with a growing emphasis on sustainability, shaping the manufacturing landscape of automotive production.

The Heart of the Automotive Industry

Mexico continues to affirm its status as a pivotal player in the global automotive market. The country has seen consistent growth in this sector, with an impressive 14.2% increase in vehicle production over the past year alone, and an 8.5% increase anticipated for 2024. This growth is spurred by significant reshoring activities and enhanced trade relations and economic cooperations across North America. Furthermore, Mexico is becoming increasingly important in the electric vehicle (EV) market, with numerous initiatives aimed at expanding its role in this rapidly evolving segment.

Strategic Location in Querétaro

Situated in Querétaro, a state known for its robust support of the automotive industry, Nitrex Querétaro capitalizes on a strategic location that thrives on an extensive network of automotive tier suppliers. This locale not only facilitates a logistical advantage but also positions Nitrex as a central figure in the region’s automotive supply chain. Our facility in Querétaro is equipped to offer the latest heat treatment solutions, aligning with the industry’s shift towards more innovative and environmentally friendly manufacturing processes.

Meet Our Team

We are proud to have our Plant Manager, Carlos Arturo Llerena, and New Projects & Quality Manager, Jorge Ramirez, at our booth. Carlos shares, “At Nitrex Queretaro, we go beyond heat treating. We partner with our clients to streamline their production and improve their manufacturing outcomes through our specialized capabilities and strategic insights. Our technologies support our commitment to sustainable manufacturing practices that contribute to more efficient use of production media, electricity, cleaner air and above all, superior vehicle performance.

▶ For all your heat treating needs, we invite you to explore our Queretaro, Mexico location. For more information or to request a quote, visit Queretaro Heat Treating Services.

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