SmartMeth™ – Automated Nitrogen Methanol Mixing System

The SmartMeth™ control system is a fully automated nitrogen methanol mixing system for heat-treating furnace atmosphere production. The SmartMeth™ utilizes the latest in precision differential pressure flow measurement and touchscreen controller design. This first-of-its-kind system with built-in flowrate calculation automatically sets the nitrogen and methanol flowrates based on the desired %CO furnace concentration.


  • Automatic flow setpoint calculation – calculates the required nitrogen and methanol flowrates to maintain a desired %CO at the required volume
  • Customizable recipe software
  • Optional integrated carbon and temperature control
  • Automatic atmosphere recovery provides additional synthetic gas flow on demand when introducing a new load into the furnace
  • Integrated paperless chart recorder stores furnace temperature, %carbon, and synthetic gas flow furnace details
  • Ethernet communications (Modbus RTU)
  • Electronic process flow meters
  • Integrated nitrogen purge
  • Precision control valves
  • Integrated atmosphere recovery
  • Full-color touchscreen interface



  • Carbon control (with recipes)
  • Temperature control (with recipes)
  • Atmosphere sensors

UPC-Marathon control solutions are designed and built with compliance in mind. We focus on the heat-treating industry so we understand and keep up to date with AMS 2750, AMS 2759, NFPA 86, CQI-9, and Nadcap standards. Our systems offer the necessary features to help heat treaters of all types and sizes maintain compliance. If you have an older system and require an update following a standard revision, please contact us for a quote.

Power 110VAC @ 60Hz

Capacity 200 – 5000 CFH

Inlet Pressure 5-50 PSIG

Turndown 5:1

Repeatability 2%