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Vacuum brazing is a versatile joining process where metal workpieces bond together in an oxygen-free protective atmosphere to form a single component. What results is a clean brazed joint that is as strong or stronger than the two metals joined together. This low-temperature process provides the highest level of finished part quality – parts are clean and free of oxidation and similarly retain their original shape and metallurgical properties.


  • Clean process
  • Bright, clean parts right out of the furnace
  • No post-processing required
  • Highly uniform and repeatable process
  • Consistent quality with every batch
  • Well suited for complex geometries and precision assemblies
  • Ideal for aerospace components, medical devices, and other critical and non-critical applications

The Horizontal Vacuum Furnace and Vertical Vacuum Furnace series provide outstanding reliability and performance for brazing applications with tight tolerances. Click the links below for more details or to request a quote. Our technical support team will help you find the right system that meets your process and application requirements.