- February 2021 -

Month: February 2021

Nitrex Grows Customer Base in Turkey, Installs a 5-in-1 Turnkey Nitriding System

Nitrex continues to build momentum in Turkey, strengthening its presence in the heat-treating market with several new systems and technology offerings. The latest installation of a Nitrex nitriding system combines five Nitreg® technologies with application know-how for processing a variety of components for electromechanical systems and actuating mechanisms used in aviation, land, and sea vehicles.

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Improvement of Gear Life and Performance Through Controlled Nitriding

Whether big or small in design, gears offer the same functionality – to transmit power. Keeping gears in motion requires that friction compounded by high loading does not cause premature wear. To improve the reliability, performance, and longevity of gears, understanding tribology and the application of a surface hardening process like nitriding are essential to

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