The industry’s most popular, workhorse carbon probe. Alloy protection tube for versatility and ruggedness. Accepted as an industry standard around the world.

  • Available in multiple insertion lengths up to 38″ (964 mm)
  • 1.00″ diameter sheath eliminates probe sag problems found on competitor probes (no need to periodically rotate the probe in order to prevent failure)
  • Can be inserted up to 10″ inside the furnace (no 4″ limit as is the case with smaller diameter products)
  • Genuine RA330 alloy sheath (we don’t substitute with cheaper alloys like the competition!)
  • “K,” “R,” and “S” integral thermocouples are available
  • Fast probe burn-off (90 seconds) and rapid recovery time
  • Probe electrical disconnect allows for simple replacement
  • Strain-relief grommet for direct-to-terminal wiring

Additional information

Weight 15 lbs
Carbon potential range 0.10% to 1.4%
Output in normal heat treating 1,000 to 1,200 mV DC
Normal sensor operating temp. 1,400 to 1,850°F **
Sensor cover temp limit 200°F max.
Sensitivity 0.02 mv or .0025% C
Accuracy ±0.03% C
Stability ±1 mv over probe life
Response time Less than 1 second
Impedance Less than 6 K ohm
Sensor construction Stabilized zirconia solid electrolyte, patented alloy electrode
Sensor thermal shock Caution is advised, outer alloy sheath protects ceramic zirconia tube
Sensor Life About 2 years with normal use
Warranty 1 year usage, non-prorated
Serviceability No field service required
Reference air requirement 0.2 to 1.0 MAX SCFH filtered ambient air
** minimum operating temp. 1,150 °F