The UPC-Marathon Mixor™ is a precision compressor-carburetor device which accurately mixes gas and air in any selected ratio, and compresses it for use with endothermic cracking or exothermic cracking generators, or as a source of pre-mixed gas and air for torch brazing, flame heat-treating, or sort metalmelting.

Automatic bypass regulator The Compressor includes a built-in pressure regulator which automatically bypasses compressor output back to the compressor inlet when output is reduced or completely shut off.
Standard motor When a special or custom motor breaks down, you may well experience production delays or shutdowns while repairs are being carried out or while a new motor is shipped. That’s why the UPC-Marathon Mixor was engineered with a standard 1,750 RPM motor that drives the compressor through a standard “V” belt. The motor adjusting base provides take up for optimal belt tension.
Air filter The UPC-Marathon Mixor air inlet is protected by a filter which cleans the air of dust, so that it doesn’t get into the carburetor and gum up the works.
Critical cracking control For critical cracking applications such as Endothermic cracking of natural gas, propane or butane, the unit is available with an enriching flow meter so that extremely small increments of gas can be added with high accuracy of flowrates.
Flow meters UPC-Marathon manufactures a complete line of precision flow meters for use with Gas Mixors™ and for measuring all industrial gases in processing.