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As an alternative to gas nitriding, nitriding plasma (ion) nitriding process has been developed to overcome the shortcomings of the earlier traditional uncontrolled gas nitriding processes and to offer certain operational advantages that gas nitriding does not have.

Plasma is essentially a gas nitriding treatment in which the method of delivering nitrogen atoms to the surface of nitrided components is quite different from the standard gas nitriding processes. It occurs at a very low pressure and under high voltage.

From the metallurgical, tribological and mechanical properties standpoint the properties of nitrided case obtained with Nitreg® and well controlled plasma technology are comparable.

Plasma offers certain distinct advantages such as:

  • The ease of masking the component surface where nitriding is to be avoided
  • Ability to nitride low density powder metallurgy parts

Ask us for an advice about which nitriding method is better suited to your situation. If your drawing calls for “ion” or “plasma” nitriding we are at your service.


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