The EndoFlex™ is an advanced endothermic gas generator with an extensive list of features to improve gas reaction efficiency that includes sensors capable of diagnosing the most common gas generation issues before they become problematic.

The advanced EndoFlex™ endothermic gas generator combines the patented EndoInjector™ fuel-injection generator control system with the high-efficiency ReactionCore™ technology to lower operation and maintenance costs associated with producing high-quality endothermic gas for your heat treatment furnaces. The EndoFlex™ generator is equipped with the latest sensors to monitor dew point, unreacted methane, and energy consumption.

  • Lower operating costs and emissions waste from 20-80% of generator capacity
  • Automatic endothermic gas pressure control eliminates regulator adjustments
  • Multi-retort design reduces cost, allowing for quick component replacement
  • Separate methane sensors provide data for scheduling retort burnout
  • Filter change indicator improves system efficiency and operation time
  • Built-in software for ease of scheduling, maintenance, and paperless data logging

EndoInjector™ Control System

A precision gas mixing and control system for exothermic gas generators, the ExoInjector™ incorporates a patented fuel-injection design that utilizes electronic flow measurement and precise ratio control to consistently provide the ideal gas mixture for high quality endothermic gas generation.

ReactionCore™ technology

ReactionCore™ technology is a proprietary generator design that replaces a single large retort with several smaller centrifugally-cast retorts to significantly increase the surface area, improve the reaction chamber’s heating efficiency, and reduce the heating energy required to produce endothermic gas. In addition, the smaller retort design significantly reduces replacement costs.