NGC Enhances Gearbox Manufacturing with EndoFlex from UPC-Marathon
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- NGC Enhances Gearbox Manufacturing With EndoFlex From UPC-Marathon -

NGC Enhances Gearbox Manufacturing With EndoFlex From UPC-Marathon, a Nitrex Company

NGC Enhances Gearbox Manufacturing With EndoFlex From UPC-Marathon

NGC Gears, one of the world’s largest wind power gearbox manufacturers, has completed the installation of two additional EndoFlex generators from UPC-Marathon, a Nitrex company, at its new facility in Jinhu, China location. This acquisition brings the total of generator sets to five since 2022, collectively generating an impressive 800 m³/h (22,252 ft3/h) capacity of endothermic gas supplied to carburizing and hardening furnaces used for processing various gear components. The latest installations in February and March of 2024 support the heat-treating operations of the company’s wind energy gearbox production.

NGC’s decision to expand capacity is in response to the growing demand for wind power solutions in China and globally. Recent statistics indicate a robust growth trajectory for wind energy, with the country leading the world in both installed capacity and the manufacture of wind power equipment. The new endothermic gas generating systems will significantly enhance the company’s production capabilities, enabling NGC to meet increasing market needs with greater efficiency and reliability.

EndoFlex offers several benefits, including precise control of production media to the carburizing and hardening environments, leading to higher quality gear production with improved longevity and performance. The result is improved carburizing and hardening processes, higher-quality hardened gears, reduced operating costs, and increased efficiency. The EndoFlex mixes ratios more accurately and efficiently, ensuring a constant furnace atmosphere and consistent gas quality. This leads to immediate cost savings through reduced electricity and gas consumption and minimized waste.

Johnny Xu, General Manager at UPC-Marathon China, shared, “The latest EndoFlex investments align with NGC’s development of low-consumption, high-efficiency gearbox products for large-scale onshore and offshore wind turbines. Our collaboration with NGC is focused on advancing excellence in the wind power sector, and we are thrilled to see the tangible benefits our EndoFlex units bring to NGC. This partnership highlights the strength of our products and reinforces our commitment to providing quality, local solutions to meet the demands of modern manufacturing for a greener future. We look forward to continuing our work with NGC and delivering the superior endogas quality needed for their high-standard production processes.

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