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Month: January 2019

Press Release: G-M Model HVF 401-XSFQ (20-BAR) | Corona, CA

“State-of-the-art” Vacuum Furnace commissioned at one of the Leading US Commercial Heat Treat Plants. Having a free work area of 36″x36″Hx60″L and a 8,000 lbs. loading capacity, equipped with externally mounted 600 HP motor with Allen-Bradley Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) to provide controlled cooling with externally mounted 14,000,000 BTUs/ hour primary heat exchanger and a

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Press Release: G-M Enterprises Ships VPA Coating Furnaces | Corona, CA

G-M Enterprises (Corona, Calif.) shipped three vapor phase alumina (VPA) coating furnaces in 2006 and has received two orders for VPA coating furnaces to be delivered in February 2007. The orders are the result of increased demand in aircraft-engine construction, which requires vapor phase alumina coating of blades and vanes. G-M has developed a system

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Korean Society of Heat Treatment Recognizes Nitrex Contribution to Heat Treating

Featured is Nikola Dzepina, Special Projects Manager at Nitrex Metal, who was invited by the Korean Society of Heat Treatment (KSHT) to speak on ‘Continuous Research in Environmentally-Friendly De-passivation and Nitriding of Stainless Steels’. The lecture was attended by key players of Korea’s manufacturing, automotive, and heat treat sectors. At the close of the presentation,

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