- The A Effect Initiative: Meet Christine Hauben, Global Director – Commercialization, Marketing, Communication -

The A Effect: Inclusivity & Transformation: Driving the Change - Christine Hauben

The A Effect Initiative: Meet Christine Hauben, Global Director – Commercialization, Marketing, Communication

Meet Christine Hauben, Global Director of Commercialization, Marketing & Communication at Nitrex – a dynamic force driving change. Her journey from running her business to joining Nitrex involved conquering challenges. Today, she’s committed to creating an environment that nurtures women’s growth through leadership and mentorship. She stands as a catalyst for transformation, reshaping Nitrex and igniting inspirational change in the heat treatment industry.


1. Question: Can you tell us about your role at Nitrex and your journey to becoming the Global Director of Commercialization, Marketing, & Communication?

Answer: I’ve always been someone who enjoys initiating and spearheading projects. I owned and operated my own business for several years, pursuing two primary motivating goals: acquiring new customers and nurturing meaningful connections with my clients.

Before joining Nitrex, I experienced a highly toxic work environment, which taught me about the impact a manager can have on their employees’ well-being. Now that I’m a part of Nitrex, I am committed to applying these lessons and the knowledge I have acquired to create a more positive and supportive work environment.


2. Question: How has your experience in marketing and communication influenced your approach to leadership?

In marketing and communication, it’s essential to start by understanding your audience before you dive into data, strategies, or projects. You need to connect with them and get them excited about your vision. This principle also applies to leadership.

Answer: As a leader, it’s important to know who you are as a manager, your values, and how to build strong connections with your team. This way, you genuinely understand their goals, aspirations, strengths, and concerns – not just limited to work projects. In everyday life, everyone wants to improve, feel better, and be happy at work. While data is valuable, building connections is as vital in achieving great results.


3. Question: In your view, what unique perspectives and skills do women bring to leadership roles in male-dominated industries like heat treating?

Answer: Studies have shown differences in leadership styles between men and women. According to data from Leadership Circle’s extensive database, women tend to excel in areas related to connecting and building meaningful relationships. Women leaders adopt a “striving for success” mindset, emphasizing their innate curiosity about what is essential for shaping the future they aim to build. They actively partner with others to advance their vision, using a collaborative and inclusive leadership approach.


4. Question: What are your expectations and aspirations for this initiative, both personally and professionally?

Answer: My expectations and aspirations, both personally and professionally, are grounded in the recognition that we all encounter insecurities and adapt to changing circumstances. Through my involvement in this program, I am embracing a growth mindset, actively committed to ongoing self-improvement as a manager, colleague, and individual.

To draw a parallel with sports, improvement requires practice and guidance, similar to having a coach. In the workplace, this means surrounding myself with mentors and peers who can offer valuable insights and help me in stepping out of my comfort zone to address areas in need of enhancement.


5. Question: How might your experience in “The A Effect” initiative impact your interactions with executives and industry stakeholders, promoting gender equality in leadership within the heat treat industry?

Answer: I believe it all begins with raising awareness and fostering sensitivity to the issue. While it may not lead to significant changes right away, it signals our commitment to the cause.

By demonstrating our concern for the inclusion of women in the workplace, I hope to inspire other women to recognize that change is possible and encourage self-advocacy. This ripple effect of empowerment and advocacy can contribute to a more equitable and inclusive environment in our industry.


6. Question: With your background in owning and working in a marketing services agency, how will your unique insights contribute to the success of “The A Effect” initiative in fostering gender equality at Nitrex and in the heat-treating industry?

Answer: My passion for this cause, driven by the positive impact it can have on individuals, serves as a strong motivator.

Drawing from my experience, I can leverage my skills in project organization, community engagement, and effective deployment of marketing strategies. In essence, I understand how to initiate and execute a project successfully. Just like starting a new business venture, we must have a vision and be passionate about it. I aim to bring that same entrepreneurial spirit to “The A Effect” to drive meaningful change in our workplace and industry.