Reigniting the Flame: T.T.M.'s Journey to Efficiency with UPC-Marathon
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- Reigniting the Flame: T.T.M.’s Journey to Efficiency with UPC-Marathon -

Reigniting the Flame: T.T.M.'s Journey to Efficiency with UPC-Marathon

Reigniting the Flame: T.T.M.’s Journey to Efficiency with UPC-Marathon

Italian commercial heat treater T.T.M. Trattamenti Termici dei Metalli Srl has built its reputation on precision and reliability. To maintain these high standards, the company leverages the latest technological advancements to enhance their heat-treating operations. Despite the robustness of their three batch IQ furnaces, T.T.M. identified an opportunity to improve the industrial controls to ensure that operations, service quality, and efficiency remain at the forefront of precision and reliability.

Recognizing the need for modernization, T.T.M. embarked on a research mission to find the right partner for this critical overhaul. After careful consideration, they selected UPC-Marathon, a Nitrex company, to breathe new life into their aging furnace controls. This marked the start of a transformative journey that saw the partnership with UPC-Marathon redefine T.T.M.’s approach to furnace controls and automation. The project entailed the installation of control cabinets equipped with the latest Protherm 470 controllers, the integration of the controllers into a SCADA system for advanced monitoring and control capabilities, allowing for real-time data analysis and more efficient management of the carburizing processes. The improved oversight helped minimize downtime and optimize furnace performance, ensuring that T.T.M. could meet clients’ demands more effectively.

To complement the technological upgrades, UPC-Marathon also installed a new gas cabinet designed for superior efficiency, reducing operational costs while also contributing to a more environmentally friendly footprint, aligning with T.T.M.’s commitment to sustainable practices.

Daniel Panny, Product Manager and Head of UPC-Marathon Europe, summarized the success of this project: “With these comprehensive upgrades, T.T.M.’s furnaces were not just repaired; they were revitalized. This strategic investment in modernizing the furnace controls with UPC-Marathon proved not only highly effective in resolving immediate challenges with aging controls but also more cost-effective than replacing the three furnaces. By investing in modern controls and digitalization, T.T.M. has transformed its carburizing operations for a more efficient, sustainable, and profitable future, ready to face the demands of tomorrow with renewed vigor.”

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