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- Advancing Automotive Gear Production with Nitrex Nitriding -

Advancing Automotive Gear Production with Nitrex Nitriding

Advancing Automotive Gear Production with Nitrex Nitriding

In today’s automotive industry, where innovation and sustainability drive the future of the supply chain, a leading Chinese gear manufacturer stands at the forefront. Recently, this customer expanded its operations by integrating a fourth Nitrex nitriding furnace into its automated gear production. This strategic move positions the manufacturer to meet the industry’s growing demands while upholding its commitment to gear excellence.

The Chinese gear producer serves local automotive OEMs and is also an important global exporter. The latest turnkey system not only meets current market demand but also provides capacity for future growth. From transmission gears to transfer case gears, synchronizers, and engine-gear rings, the focus is on leveraging advanced technology to streamline operations and continuously improve gear quality, durability, and reliability.

At the heart of the new system lies Nitreg® nitriding technology, which enhances the metallurgical properties of gears, ensuring structural integrity, dimensional stability, and long-term performance. Featuring an NXHL-910512 system, this front-loading batch model supports high-volume, fully automated production. This setup allows for a high degree of precision and production efficiency, optimizing resource sustainability by minimizing waste and maximizing output.

Advancing Automotive Gear Production with Nitrex Nitriding

Advanced control system of the NXHL-910512 nitriding furnace ensures precise monitoring and consistent high-quality results.

Advancing Automotive Gear Production with Nitrex Nitriding

NXHL-910512 nitriding furnace with automated part handling system for streamlined operations.

Tao Liu, Sales Manager at Nitrex China, explained the strategic significance of this investment: “This expansion goes beyond capacity enhancement; it elevates the manufacturer’s in-house capabilities and tightens production controls. It allows the company to focus resources on driving innovation and sustainability across domestic and international vehicle markets, including the growing new energy vehicle (NEV) sector.”

“This latest installation underscores our customer’s dedication to producing high-quality, high-performance gears while prioritizing environmental responsibility. This commitment aligns with Nitrex’s mission of empowering manufacturers to achieve operational excellence and meet the evolving demands of the automotive industry,” remarked Nikola Dzepina.

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