Nitrex at Querétaro Automotive Summit 2024: Driving Innovation
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- Nitrex Mexico at the Inaugural Querétaro Automotive Summit 2024: Driving Innovation and Strategic Alliances -

Nitrex Mexico at the Inaugural Querétaro Automotive Summit 2024: Driving Innovation and Strategic Alliances

Nitrex Mexico at the Inaugural Querétaro Automotive Summit 2024: Driving Innovation and Strategic Alliances

Nitrex is excited to announce our participation in the Querétaro Automotive Summit 2024 held from July 9 to 11 at the Centro de Congresos ITESM, Campus Querétaro. Recognized as the most competitive state in Mexico and the best place to do business, according to the KPMG 2024 mid-year report, Querétaro is an ideal location for this premier gathering of automotive industry leaders.

This highly anticipated event, conceived by the industry’s leading minds and its supply chain, promises to be a pivotal gathering for the automotive sector. It will focus on enhancing the supply chain, fostering new business opportunities, and paving the way toward electromobility. For Nitrex, it is a crucial moment to connect with key players and solidify our role in the industry’s transformation toward sustainable innovation and electromobility.

Querétaro Automotive Cluster – Instrumental to Moving Industry Forward

Coordinated by the Querétaro Automotive Cluster, this collective of CEOs, managers, and procurement and supply leaders plays a key role in organizing the event. Nitrex is proud to be a member of the Directors Council, which aligns with our 2024 initiatives for sustainability, innovation, strategic alliances, and new business opportunities.

Mexico’s automotive industry is experiencing significant growth, with Querétaro at the heart of this expansion. The region’s robust ecosystem, featuring numerous OEMs and Tier 1 and Tier 2 suppliers, makes it a key hub for automotive manufacturing. Positioned at the forefront of this dynamic industry, Nitrex offers advanced heat treatment solutions that enhance the reliability, durability, and high performance of automotive metal parts, setting new standards in the industry.

Nitrex Leading Expertise in Automotive Heat Treatment

Nitrex is recognized as a leader in advanced eco-friendly heat-treating processes, including ferritic nitrocarburizing, nitriding, and vacuum heat treatments. These technologies are essential for meeting the stringent requirements of automotive parts, ensuring durability and optimal performance. Latest advancements in process control, cleanliness, traceability, and efficiency are also enabling more resource-efficient use of process gases and energy, minimizing environmental impact. Our expertise positions us as a key player in supporting the automotive industry’s needs for reliable and efficient manufacturing solutions, intertwined with a growing emphasis on sustainability, shaping the manufacturing landscape of automotive production.

Meet Our Team

We are proud to have our Plant Manager, Carlos Arturo Llerena, and New Projects & Quality Manager, Jorge Ramirez, at our booth #2. Carlos shares, “As an active member of the Querétaro Automotive Cluster and sitting on its Directors Council, I am committed to leveraging our strategic insights and specialized capabilities to drive the industry forward. Our role in the cluster allows us to collaborate closely with industry leaders, streamline production processes, and enhance manufacturing outcomes. This not only supports our clients but also contributes to sustainable manufacturing practices, ensuring more efficient use of resources, cleaner air, and superior vehicle performance. Being part of this collective effort is pivotal for Nitrex and the entire automotive industry as we navigate the future of mobility.”

Join us at the Querétaro Automotive Summit 2024 at booth #2, where the future of the automotive industry takes shape. Be part of Nitrex’s journey toward a sustainable and innovative tomorrow.


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