Nitrex HTS Illinois, USA: Heat Treatment Beyond Nitriding, Vacuum Expertise
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- Nitrex HTS Illinois, USA: Heat Treatment Beyond Nitriding, Vacuum Expertise -

From nitriding to vacuum heat treatments, Nitrex Illinois Heat Treating Services offers cutting-edge expertise. Explore their advanced capabilities today.

Nitrex HTS Illinois, USA: Heat Treatment Beyond Nitriding, Vacuum Expertise

Nitrex stands as a world-leading expert in Nitriding technology and heat treatment. However, did you know that our heat treatment facilities also boast extensive expertise in many conventional heat treatments, including vacuum?

As recently highlighted by Steven Sumner, Nitrex’s new HTS Director of Sales, Americas, “I never realized the extent of Nitrex’s vacuum heat-treating capability. This is particularly true at the Aurora, IL facility, located approximately 40 miles west of downtown Chicago.”


Nitrex HTS Illinois - Modular Vacuum Heat Treat System, LPC

Capabilities at this location include a modular vacuum heat treating system that can oil or high-pressure (20 bar) gas quench (HPGQ) components. It features two integral heating chambers with working zones of 1000mm L x 600mm W x 750mm H (39.4” x 23.6” x 29.5”), maximum gross weight limit of 748 kg (1650 pounds), and maximum processing temperature of 1204°C (2200°F).

While this system caters to hardening, tempering, and carbonitriding, it excels in low pressure carburizing (LPC). The benefits of LPC include:

  • Tighter carbon control and case depth tolerances
  • No Intergranular Oxidation (IGO), potentially improving fatigue properties
  • No decarburization
  • Shorter processing cycles at higher carburizing temperature (above 954°C or 1750°F)
  • Reduced distortion with shorter cycles and HPGQ
Nitrex HTS Illinois - LPC Furnace, Gears

Components eligible for LPC cover a wide range of conventionally carburized products, including various gears or shafts.


Additional capabilities include two single-chamber vacuum furnaces:
  • 6 Bar Vacuum Furnace

Working zone: 610mm L x 610mm W x 914mm H (24” x 24” x 36”)
Maximum gross weight limit: 612kg at 1015°C (1,350 pounds at 1850°F)
Maximum processing temperature: 1315.6°C (2400°F)

  • 2 Bar Vacuum Furnace

Working zone: 1219mm L x 1016mm W x 1829mm H (48” x 40” x 72”)
Maximum gross weight limit: 2722kg at 1010°C (6,000 pounds at 1850°F)
Maximum processing temperature: 1315.6°C (2400°F)

These vacuum furnaces are ideally suited for solution annealing and aging of various tool steels (e.g., A series, H series, S series) and stainless steels.


The Aurora facility holds certifications such as IATF 16949:2016, ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001, AS9100:2016, and is CQI-9 Compliant.

▶ For all your vacuum heat treating needs, we invite you to explore our Aurora, IL location. For more information or to request a quote, visit Illinois Heat Treating Services.