Nitrex Back at Mexico’s Premier Aerospace & Automotive B2B Meetings
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- Nitrex Back at Mexico’s Premier Aerospace & Automotive B2B Meetings -

Nitrex Back At Mexico’s Premier Aerospace & Automotive B2b Meetings

Nitrex Back at Mexico’s Premier Aerospace & Automotive B2B Meetings

Nitrex returns to the heart of Latin America’s dynamic manufacturing epicenter for the 2024 Aerospace & Automotive Meetings in Querétaro, Mexico. The B2B event serves as a hub for industry leaders and professionals, connecting OEMs and tier suppliers across the thriving aerospace and automotive sectors.

Mexico is a symbol of manufacturing excellence, and 2024 holds promising growth for the automotive and aerospace industries. The surge in automotive manufacturing and exports solidifies Mexico’s standing as a key player in the global automotive landscape. Additionally, Mexico’s aerospace sector is poised for significant growth, driven by increased investments and its status as a preferred destination for the nearshoring trend. Querétaro stands out as a pivotal manufacturing and logistics hub in Mexico, playing a crucial role in the country’s dominance in these industries. It is also where Nitrex is strategically situated, enabling us to efficiently serve these sectors.

At Nitrex, we support what propels these industries forward, having carved a niche with our cutting-edge nitriding, nitrocarburizing, and vacuum heat-treating systems. Our expertise spans beyond equipment, including comprehensive heat-treating services. With over four decades of experience, Nitrex aligns perfectly with the needs of these expanding industries, empowering OEMs, and tier suppliers to optimize manufacturing processes, ensuring that their heat-treated products surpass performance and design expectations.

Carlos Llerena, Nitrex Mexico Plant Manager, and Jack Kalucki, International Account Executive, will be on-site to showcase how Nitrex solutions can enhance your manufacturing capabilities, improving the durability and longevity of your products.

The Nitrex team looks forward to meeting you in Querétaro to explore how Nitrex can contribute to the future of aerospace and automotive manufacturing.

For more information about the aerospace event, click here. To learn more about the automotive meetings, click here.

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