Don't Miss Us at the International Automotive Industry Supply Summit
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- Don’t Miss Us at the International Automotive Industry Supply Summit -


Don’t Miss Us at the International Automotive Industry Supply Summit

With Mexico’s automotive industry poised for further growth, NITREX is proud to actively participate in this thriving landscape. Just two months ago, we showcased our expertise at the ASM Heat Treat Show in Monterrey, and now we’re back on the circuit, reaffirming our commitment to serving the Mexican manufacturing industry.
Building on the success of ASM Heat Treat, we are expanding our presence in Mexico by participating in the International Automotive Industry Supply Summit. With nearly all major OEM manufacturers and numerous tier suppliers contributing to Mexico’s automotive manufacturing ecosystem, the country has emerged as a strategic hub for vehicle production worldwide.
As a leading provider of heat-treating services and in-house heat-treat systems, NITREX plays an integral role in Mexico’s automotive supply chain. Our precision technologies and extensive expertise in nitriding, nitrocarburizing, and vacuum heat treating allow us to deliver critical solutions that meet various automotive part requirements and specifications, ensuring optimal performance and durability.
As the mobility industry continues to thrive, NITREX remains at the forefront, offering reliable heat treatments and turnkey systems to meet the evolving needs of automotive manufacturers and part manufacturers. Visit us at booth 436 to discover how our vertical integration and industry-leading expertise can enhance manufacturing processes, improve component reliability, and elevate overall product performance. Our team of experts, including Carlos Arturo Llerena, Mike Hemsath, and Jorge Ramirez, will be available to discuss your specific application and production requirements and demonstrate how NITREX can help you drive forward.
Don’t miss the opportunity to connect with us and discover the possibilities that Nitrex brings to the automotive manufacturing industry. See you there!

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