Beymetal Alüminyum Rethinks Innovation to Improve Aluminum Extrusion
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- Beymetal Alüminyum Rethinks Innovation to Improve Aluminum Extrusion -

Beymetal Aluminyum Rethinks Innovation to Improve Aluminum Extrusion

Beymetal Alüminyum Rethinks Innovation to Improve Aluminum Extrusion

In business and life, there’s a prevailing truth: “To stand still is to fall behind.” This is particularly true for Beymetal Alüminyum, a forward-thinking player in the aluminum extrusion industry based in Türkiye. Recently, the company faced limitations with an outdated gas nitriding furnace and seized the opportunity to innovate.

In its commitment to excellence and pursuit of progress, Beymetal partnered with Nitrex to modernize its in-house nitriding capabilities for improved efficiency and scalability. The installation of a Nitrex batch-type nitriding/nitrocarburizing furnace has unlocked new possibilities in process efficiency and production capacity for the company.

With a much larger furnace size and advanced technological capabilities, Beymetal has pushed the boundaries in die performance to meet increasing production demand. The NX-1015 furnace model, with a 2,000 kg (4,400 lb.) capacity, is equipped with Nitreg® controlled nitriding and Nitreg®-C controlled nitrocarburizing, tailored for treating extrusion dies for aluminum profiles used in architectural applications. These technologies ensure precise control over uniform case depths and nitride/nitrocarburizing layer formation. This enhances the mechanical properties of the extrusion dies, resulting in a longer service life and increased output per die, ultimately lowering the overall tooling costs for Beymetal. Additionally, the new installation contributes to more efficient use of production media and reduces electricity consumption.

“This Nitrex system is the first of its kind in Izmir and adds to our impressive record of over 30 installations across Türkiye. When discussing our partnership with Beymetal, it wasn’t solely about implementing a turnkey system but rather about fostering a relationship founded on trust and shared goals. Through a deep understanding of our customer’s needs, Nitrex delivered a solution tailored to their unique aspirations while also ensuring efficiency and sustainability,” noted Utku Inan, Nitrex sales representative in Türkiye.

For Marcin Stoklosa, Technical Sales Manager for the EMEA region at Nitrex, added, “The need for extrusion companies to enhance tooling performance while prioritizing sustainability represents the future of the aluminum industry. Beymetal’s adoption of Nitrex nitriding and nitrocarburizing technologies serves as an example of this necessity. This transition harmonizes production with global sustainability initiatives for a more environmentally friendly future.”

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