Baida Electronic Expands Capacity with Second Nitrex System
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- Baida Electronic Expands Capacity with Second Nitrex System -

Baida Electronic Expands Capacity with Second Nitrex Nitriding System

Baida Electronic Expands Capacity with Second Nitrex System

Baida Electronic Equipment Co. Ltd., a leading automotive parts manufacturer based in China, has recently bolstered its production capacity with the acquisition of a second Nitrex nitriding system. This strategic move is in response to the growing demand for high-quality steel components within the Chinese automotive industry.

The newly integrated large pit-type nitriding system, model NX-1630, will play a pivotal role in supporting Baida’s production targets. Distinguished by its specially crafted Nitreg® nitriding cycles, this advanced system guarantees consistent control over the metallurgical attributes of treated parts, including structural durability and dimensional stability. With an impressive load capacity of 15,400 lb. (7000 kg) and load size of 61″ (1550 mm) in diameter by 118″ (3000 mm) in height, it offers ample capabilities for Baida’s manufacturing needs.

The decision to invest in a Nitrex system stems from Baida’s expansion initiative aimed at meeting the surging market demand in China, alongside their commitment to eco-friendly manufacturing practices.

Nitrex’s reputation for process excellence and sustainable manufacturing, coupled with the proven success of the existing system on-site, made the choice of Nitrex the natural selection for Baida.

Nikola Dzepina, Nitrex Account Executive, emphasized, “Baida and Nitrex have fostered a strong and enduring partnership over the years. Nitrex engineering and aftersales teams consistently provide essential support and expertise to ensure optimal furnace and application performance. This subsequent order not only strengthens Baida’s manufacturing capabilities but also reaffirms Nitrex’s standing as the preferred partner for companies seeking advanced nitriding solutions. As Baida continues to expand, Nitrex remains dedicated to delivering exceptional service at every stage of our customers’ growth, offering top-quality and innovative solutions.

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