- Nitrex Grows Customer Base in Turkey, Installs a 5-in-1 Turnkey Nitriding System -

Nitrex Grows Customer Base in Turkey, Installs a 5-in-1 Turnkey Nitriding System

Nitrex continues to build momentum in Turkey, strengthening its presence in the heat-treating market with several new systems and technology offerings. The latest installation of a Nitrex nitriding system combines five Nitreg® technologies with application know-how for processing a variety of components for electromechanical systems and actuating mechanisms used in aviation, land, and sea vehicles.

ANDAR Electromechanical Systems based in Ankara, Turkey, designs and manufactures subcomponents as well as next-generation prototypes, and through the Nitrex nitriding system, they will be able to speed up their product development and facilitate time to market,” said Marcin Stoklosa, Project Manager at Nitrex Poland.

The order was driven by the Nitrex representative in Turkey, Mr. Utku Inan, who coordinated project efforts between ANDAR, the Nitrex R&D department in Canada, as well as Tamcelik Isil Islem Merkezi to ensure that application objectives were met. Tamcelik is a Nitrex licensed commercial heat treater based in Istanbul, Turkey, that supported this project with trial production on their Nitrex nitriding system.

“From the beginning, Nitrex systems have always met strict standards and are CE certified,” noted Utku Inan. “The renowned Nitreg® technologies meet our customer’s process and application expectations that include zero white layer nitriding, ±5°C temperature uniformity, and compliance with AMS2750F pyrometry requirements. Of equal importance is the technical support and aftermarket teams in Poland that can respond quickly to customer needs and provide knowledgeable and prompt service that is second to none,” added Utku Inan.

For Andar, the multipurpose NXK system, pre-tested for consistent metallurgical results, was the best fit for their production environment. The NXK-409 furnace is built to fit into a compact workspace, features a service platform, and is fully compliant with aviation standards. The system is also equipped with five Nitrex process technologies such as Nitreg® controlled gas nitriding, Nitreg®-C controlled gas nitrocarburizing, Nitreg®-S controlled nitriding of stainless steels and acid-resistance steels, Nano®-S surface hardening of stainless steels, and ONC® post-nitriding/nitrocarburizing oxidation for superior wear and corrosion resistance.

“Thanks to the Nitrex NX Connect app, ANDAR can remotely manage furnace operations and nitriding processes from anywhere. Similarly, our dedicated support team is always available to provide real-time assistance to ANDAR anytime. We are happy and pleased to serve another customer in Turkey with complete satisfaction,” pointed out Marcin Stokłosa.