- Podcast | Automotive Heat Treatment Expert Insights -

Podcast | Automotive Heat Treatment Expert Insights

Tune in to the fascinating world of vehicle component heat treatment with Jason Orosz, President of Global Heat-Treating Services at Nitrex.

From performance and durability to sustainability, certain vehicle components require specialized processes and treatments. In this podcast, gain expert insights from Jason Orosz as he shares his knowledge and experience on various heat-treat aspects, including nitriding, sustainable heat treatments, and the application of AI/machine learning, as they impact automotive component manufacturing.

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Key highlights of this episode include:

  • Advancements in Heat-Treating: Uncover how enhanced heat-treating processes are propelling the automotive industry’s transition toward electric vehicles.
  • Meeting Emissions Regulations: Learn about the pivotal role of special treatments on brake rotors in meeting new emissions regulations and the crucial role they play in eco-friendly vehicle manufacturing.
  • Sustainable Heat Treatment Solutions: Explore how nitriding and other heat treatments present a sustainable alternative to coating processes, contributing to a more environmentally conscious automotive manufacturing process.
  • The AI/Machine Learning Impact: Discover the potential of AI/machine learning to revolutionize the heat treatment industry, transforming manufacturing practices and driving innovation.

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