- 4 Shows, 3 Continents – An Event Extravaganza Awaits! Join Us! -

4 Shows, 3 Continents – An Event Extravaganza Awaits! Join Us!

4 Shows, 3 Continents – An Event Extravaganza Awaits! Join Us!

Mark your calendars and get ready to dive into the future of automotive braking, explore aluminum’s potential, and be at the forefront of heat treatment innovations!

Join us at EuroBrake, Aluexpo, ASM Heat Treat, and  HärtereiKongress – where our industry innovations take center stage!



NITREX is making its debut appearance at EuroBrake 2023, a convergence of innovation and expertise in the world of automotive braking technology. Stop by Stand 86 to connect with Nitrex experts and explore the transformative role of our surface treatment expertise in automotive part manufacturing.

Applying Ferritic Nitrocarburizing (FNC) with Smart ONC® on GCI Brake Rotors: A Newly Developed Innovative Technology to Meet the Euro 7 Standards
Date: Tuesday, September 12
Time: 10:20 am
Summary: The shift from ICEVs to EVs represents a major stride toward automotive sustainability, but it’s not without its challenges. While EVs utilize regenerative braking for kinetic energy, stringent Euro 7 regulations demand solutions for combatting the corrosion susceptibility of cast iron brake rotors, effectively curbing the release of corrosive particulates into the environment. Nitrex ‘s response is Smart ONC®, a dual treatment combining ferritic nitrocarburizing (FNC) with intelligent post-oxidation. This revolutionary technology yields fortified brake rotors, aligning with Euro 7 standards, outperforming conventional corrosion limits, and substantially reducing particulate emissions.



Aluexpo leads the way in aluminum innovation, where emerging trends and technological breakthroughs shape the future of the aluminum sector in Türkiye and Eurasia. Nitrex experts Marcin Stoklosa and Utku Inan eagerly anticipate your visit to our stand, H3-F104.

Here, you’ll discover our pioneering nitriding/nitrocarburizing and vacuum heat treat solutions tailored precisely to achieve three essential goals for profile manufacturers: optimizing extrusion die performance, enhancing production efficiency, and reducing overall tooling costs.



Heat Treat 2023 stands as the premier gathering for heat-treating professionals in North America. NITREX and UPC-Marathon are located at booth 214, where we will present our distinct portfolio breadth crafted to empower manufacturers and heat treaters, ultimately enhancing their efficiency, productivity, and profitability. Leveraging our expertise in heat treatments and a thorough grasp of manufacturing processes, we are dedicated to elevating our customers’ process and application performance through innovative technological solutions.

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Nitrided White Layer- Formation, Function, Usefulness, Variations & Challenges. How is This Helping Electric Vehicle Engineering?
Date: Tuesday, October 17
Time: 9:40 am
Summary: Gas nitriding, including ferritic nitrocarburizing, is experiencing remarkable growth, especially in electric vehicles (EVs). This expansion is due to its precise control, catering to the needs of vehicle component engineers. Steels remain the preferred choice for many applications, with the nitrided layer valued for its tribological characteristics, including wear resistance, lubricity, and friction control. Corrosion resistance has also become crucial in white layer formation. This presentation explores white-layer intricacies, offering insights into formation, manipulation, and real-world applications, including its relevance to brake rotors, within the EV landscape.


AWT HK (Heat Treatment Congress)

The HärtereiKongress stands as Europe’s foremost annual event in heat treatment and materials science. Join us at stand A-010 as we shine a spotlight on our cutting-edge solutions and demonstrate how we are revolutionizing production processes. From Nitrex turnkey systems and UPC-Marathon upgrades & modernizations to plant digitalization, we are dedicated to improving equipment reliability, operational efficiency, product quality, and manufacturing sustainability.

The Potential of Smart Process Controllers and Digital Twins in Heat Treatment
Date: Wednesday, October 25
Time: 5:30 pm
Summary: Smart IIoT technology is revolutionizing furnace controllers, unlocking new possibilities. It provides a comprehensive view of data, harnesses machine learning for predictions, and supports Digital Twin applications. This consolidation of data enhances reliability, accessibility, and transparency. Machine learning improves controllers by predicting and adapting to manufacturing process deviations. Anomaly detection spots issues and suggests fixes. Digital Twins streamline prototyping. This innovative approach minimizes hardware costs while optimizing real-time processes. Don’t miss out on this transformative presentation!


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