- EndoFlex Generator Chosen For Fastener Heat Treatment -

Endoflex Generator Chosen For Fastener Heat Treatment

EndoFlex Generator Chosen For Fastener Heat Treatment

UPC-Marathon, a Nitrex company, recently commissioned a 100 M3H EndoFlex endothermic gas generator for a South American manufacturer of industrial fasteners.

This is a repeat customer that has UPC-Marathon‘s gas panels, flowmeters, oxygen probes, and Protherm plant automation software installed in their heat treatment operations. With the addition of the EndoFlex generator, they will now be able to supply gas to a new continuous mesh belt neutral hardening furnace for the treatment of metal fasteners used in automotive applications.

The customer had the option to choose between a nitrogen-methanol system or an endothermic gas generator for their neutral hardening furnace. After careful consideration, they selected UPC-Marathon’s EndoFlex generator in order to achieve better control and consistency of the process atmosphere. The result is an improved hardening process and higher-quality hardened fasteners, along with reduced operating costs. The EndoFlex mixes ratios more accurately and efficiently, ensuring a constant furnace atmosphere and consistent gas quality, leading to immediate cost savings through reduced electricity and gas consumption and zero waste.

According to Marcio Boragini, UPC-Marathon’s Sales Director for Brazil, “The Endoflex generator is an excellent complement to our customer’s fastener production and can easily handle their high production volumes while maintaining precise control over the heat-treating process. Using endothermic gas in neutral hardening allows for a precise, controlled, and uniform heating process for a high-quality finished product.” Boragini also added, “Our solution not only meets their manufacturing requirements but is also environmentally sustainable. The intelligent EndoFlex automatically adjusts the production of endothermic gas to match the real-time demand of the furnace. By using only the amount of gas needed, this solution eliminates waste and is a sustainable option for our customer.”

The system was started in March 2023, and its consistent performance has exceeded the customer’s expectations.

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