- Two Is Better Than One: A New Nitrex Furnace For Qalex -

Nitrex furnace for Qalex

Two Is Better Than One: A New Nitrex Furnace For Qalex

Nitrex delivered a second nitriding system to Qatar Aluminium Extrusion CO. (Qalex). The aluminum profiles manufacturer intended to install an independent nitriding furnace in a second extrusion plant to reduce handling and processing times, as well as the expenses associated with transporting extrusion dies to the factory for nitriding.

“In 2021, Qalex boosted the company’s production capacity with the acquisition of a second factory in Qatar dedicated to aluminum extrusion manufacturing and equipped with two extrusion presses. They knew they couldn’t nitride all dies from both factories in one furnace,” explains Marcin Stokłosa, project manager at Nitrex Poland.

Back in 2017, it had taken several years of discussion before the customer finally opted to place an order. Fortunately, this first positive experience made the decision much easier when the time came to get another system.

This is the second Nitrex turnkey system acquired by Qalex, and hopefully, there will be more in the future, comments Marcin Stokłosa. Every aspect of this order went off without a hitch. Customer satisfaction, operating efficiency, and the guaranteed levels of die performance and projected outcomes obtained with the first system all played a role in the decision to invest in another Nitrex nitriding system.

He adds: “Qalex was also very pleased with our technical support and spare parts accessibility. What they ordered is an exact copy of the first Nitrex installation–an identical configuration with the same furnace model, size and process technology.”

The Nitrex compact system, a model NXK-1015 furnace with process technology for nitriding extrusion dies, was chosen by Qalex.

At the customer’s request, Nitrex ensured a speedy delivery. In January 2022, the installation and startup were finished.