- Nitrex Delivers A Horizontal Nitriding System To Hydro Extrusion -

Nitrex Horizontal Nitriding System

Nitrex Delivers A Horizontal Nitriding System To Hydro Extrusion

Nitrex has provided a horizontal nitriding system to meet the requirements of a customer specializing in aluminum profiles. This was Nitrex’s first system with the new horizontal furnace, which was delivered for extrusion purposes.

This unusual decision for this model type was made because Hydro Extrusion Norway had to replace an old defective horizontal furnace at its Magnor plant, for which the entire infrastructure of the plant was prepared.

Why did Hydro Extrusion Norway select Nitrex?

“Nitrex has a very good relationship with HYDRO. Additionally, the Norway plant has frequent contact with the HYDRO plant in Trzcianka, Poland, where a Nitrex furnace is also located. So, we already had good references from another HYDRO plant,” Marcin Stokłosa, project manager at Nitrex, explains.

The fact that Nitrex provided two installations at other aluminum extrusion manufacturers in Norway also helped strengthen Hydro Extrusion Norway’s decision.

“Before making a purchase decision, HYDRO visited other plants and collected opinions about us,” adds Mr. Stokłosa. “Samples made on our furnace in another plant gave very good results. Thanks to this, we managed to beat the competition. All in all, we have had many years of cooperation and very good recommendations. Our added advantage was that we were able to deliver this furnace quickly.”

The horizontal NXH-6612 furnace purchased by HYDRO can take on 800 kg (1700 lb.) loads. It is equipped with NITREG® technology to optimize process parameters for optimal die quality, it has a temperature distribution of +/- 3°C , and it complies with AMS 2750F standards. It also possesses a neutralizer, an element that was required in the order, as HYDRO attaches great importance to pro-ecological and environmentally neutral solutions. The turnkey system was installed in the second half of 2021 when it also started running.