Debinding is a critical step in metal injection molding (MIM) processing and additive manufacturing. It removes the primary binding material from the molded component before sintering is possible. In additive manufacturing, debinding prevents the deformation, crumbling, swelling, or breakage of printed objects.

Debinding also makes sintering more efficient.

There are two types of debinding processes available, solvent and thermal. In the case of solvent debinding, the binder dissolves in a low temperature solvent. However, this process effectively removes only a part of the binder, the balance decomposes during thermal debinding.




The HVF delivers superior performance for debinding applications with tight tolerances.

Horizontal Vacuum Series


Suitable for metal injection molded and additive manufactured parts used in a number of industries including automotive, aerospace, defense, energy, industrial, and medical.

Debinding can be carried out on most metals.