- Paris Air Show: Advancing Aerospace Solutions -

Paris Air Show: Advancing Aerospace Solutions

When visitors step into Nitrex’s stand in Hall 3 D-136 at the International Paris Air Show, they will discover a pioneering provider of surface treatment solutions for the aerospace industry with a mission to empower customers to achieve exceptional performance, compliance, and reliability in their aerospace applications.

Explore the comprehensive range of solutions tailored to the aerospace supply chain and discover the many ways Nitrex supports the industry while propelling aerospace technology forward.

Specialized Vacuum Heat Treating Furnaces

Nitrex’s vacuum furnaces are particularly valuable to the space tech industry. These furnaces create a contaminant-free atmosphere akin to the environment in space, adhering to the industry’s strict quality assurance standards. Offered in various sizes to accommodate parts of different dimensions, Nitrex vacuum furnaces enable the effective and efficient processing of critical space components. Learn more.

Enhancing Stainless Steel Components

Nitrex’s expertise in stainless steel processing is particularly beneficial in the aerospace sector, especially in jet engine turbine blade manufacturing. The Nitrex VPA (vapor phase aluminide) coating furnace applies aluminides to turbine blades, enhancing their ability to withstand high temperatures during aircraft engine operations, thereby contributing to the longevity and reliability of aerospace engines. Learn more.

Optimizing Part Performance with Controlled Gas Nitriding

Controlled gas nitriding is another surface-hardening process that significantly enhances aerospace component performance. Nitrex’s turnkey nitriding systems improve mechanical surface properties, increasing surface hardness and fatigue strength without compromising dimensional stability. This solution proves invaluable for hardening critical aerospace parts such as engine bearings, fasteners, gears, shafts, and valves. Learn more.

Comprehensive Heat-Treating Services

In addition to furnace installations, Nitrex operates Nadcap-certified heat-treating centers, offering heat-treating services for the military and aerospace industries. This integration between equipment and services divisions ensures that Nitrex’s furnace engineers have real-world exposure and practical experience with aero, space, and military specifications. Nitrex goes beyond equipment provision, offering valuable insights to enhance manufacturing processes and product performance. Learn more.


Add us to your must-visit list and meet our expert team at Hall 3 stand D-136. We look forward to welcoming you to the Paris Air Show, where we can discuss how Nitrex can exceed your surface treatment expectations and elevate your aerospace operations. See you there!