- How UPC-Marathon Makes Your Old Machinery Run Like New -

UPC-Marathon Helps Modernize Endothermic Generators

How UPC-Marathon Makes Your Old Machinery Run Like New

In 2020, the manufacturer TSUBAKI NAKASHIMA (TN) decided to modernize one of its old endothermic generator. The solution turned out to be the EndoInjector™ from UPC-Marathon with an Endogas cooler, in which the cooling agent is air.

The G-42ET endothermic generator, obtained in 2004, was devoid of automatic regulation of the efficiency and composition of the mixture, and therefore generated high operating costs. Its start-up and setup after a production break were also extremely time-consuming. In addition, the age and degree of wear of the device, as well as poor quality water cooling, forced the replacement of components with new ones.

In the TN generator, all elements responsible for the correct composition of the endothermic protective atmosphere have been changed. The lambda probe has been replaced by the more powerful dew point measurement system AtmoSense™, and the water coolers have been replaced by a cooling system that uses air as a coolant. The Internet connection provided by the client enables the system operation in real time.

The existing endothermic generator had a maximum capacity of 42 m3/h. The performed works helped solve servicing problems and had a positive influence on the change of maintenance as well as production costs. As a result, the generator now produces only as much atmosphere as needed (approximately 14 m3/h).

“The EndoInjector™ is an ideal way to modernize the old Endogenerator,” says Zbigniew Terelak, shift manager at Hartownia TN Polska Sp. z o.o. “Thanks to the precise regulation of the gas mixing ratio, it allows for precise regulation of the efficiency even with a small demand for the endoatmosphere and it constantly ensures the optimal composition of the mixture for its production, improving the efficiency of the device and extending its life. Thanks to the use of the EndoInjector™, the generator significantly reduces the level of pollutant emissions, which is noticeable even when used for a short time. Another issue related to the day-to-day operation of the Endogenerator equipped with the EndoInjector™ system is not without significance: the employees operating the device do not have to correct the settings on an ongoing basis. With many operators onboard, we eliminate any possible, unwanted changes in settings.”

TSUBAKI NAKASHIMA, which has its headquarters in Krasnik, Poland, fabricates and sells a broad range (over 20,000 product types) of high-quality industrial precision balls, ball screws, rollers, cages and sheet metal parts used for bearing, large scale blowers and other applications. It operates 19 factories in 11 countries.