- Nitrex Will Be At The ET Seminar -

Nitrex at ET Seminar

Nitrex Will Be At The ET Seminar

Nitrex will be attending the 12th ET Seminar this year from May 3rd to May 5th, in Orlando, Florida.
Every four years, the International Aluminum Extrusion Technology Seminar (or ET Seminar) is a fantastic opportunity to network, and to learn more about the best practices and latest advances in the science, research and technology of the aluminum extrusion field. Industry professionals will come from over 50 countries for this event.

Guests can participate in different workshops pre- and post-event (ex.: paint and powder coating, anodizing), conferences, and Best of Track Paper presentations (ex.: recycling end-of-life scrap, getting your plant ready for the connected future, press quenching), etc. There will be over 120 available technical sessions presented by experts from all over the world.
A series of prizes will also be awarded, including for the best papers, the best designs, and the overall excellence of a worthy individual whose contributions has helped push forward the aluminum extrusion industry.
An ET Expo will also offer a great window into the interesting products, equipment and services that so many suppliers can offer worldwide to help companies in the industry grow their business, be more efficient, save costs and prepare for the future.

And that is where you can visit us. With our quality nitriding systems and automated machinery, we are a global solutions provider in equipment and controlled technology that can be used for aluminum extrusion in the design of structural and architectural profiles.

Come visit us at booth 416 of the ET Expo!

For more info on the event, including the schedule, click here.