- NITREX portrayed as “Global Thought Leader” on CBS News -

NITREX portrayed as “Global Thought Leader” on CBS News

Nitrex’s unique and revolutionary innovations and contributions to the world of surface treatment, and to every industry influenced by heat treated products, have been recognized in a new series by CBS, one of the biggest American networks out there.

The series “Global Thought Leaders” addresses how Nitrex partners with several companies worldwide that produce everyday life components, to make their technology and practices more cost-efficient and ecofriendly.

“We were the first company to offer a fully automated nitriding system that allows to conduct the process from beginning to end without human intervention. These innovations have allowed engines to become lighter, more fuel efficient, and even less expensive,” says Iwo Korwin, president of Nitrex Turnkey Systems.

With its fully integrated solutions and rigorous built-in quality control process, Nitrex “consistently set industry benchmarks,” adds Jean-Francois Cloutier, CEO at Nitrex.