- Nitrex Nevada Receives Supplier Approval from Honeywell -

Nitrex Nevada Receives Supplier Approval from Honeywell

Nitrex Nevada Receives Supplier Approval from Honeywell

Pictured above is the automated copper plating line consisting of a load station, 100-gallon alkaline cleaning immersion bath, 100-gallon rinse immersion baths, semi-automated water break-free inspection station, 100-gallon acid activator immersion bath, 100-gallon rinse immersion baths, three 100-gallon immersion copper plating baths, two rinse immersion baths, inspection/rotation station, 100-gallon hot-water rinse bath, and a temperature-controlled drying/blow-off station.

Nitrex, through the commercial heat-treating services division (HTS), is pleased to announce that its Nevada facility has received certification from Honeywell for copper plating services. Honeywell is a global leader of aerospace parts and services supplying the commercial, defense, and space aircraft industries.

“The approval involved a stringent audit process that the experts at Nitrex went through diligently, which is something we always do, as part of our values and culture. In addition to copper plating, Nitrex HTS Nevada has also been approved by Honeywell for nitriding of stainless steels, steel alloys, and tool steels,” commented Joe Beal, Facility Manager of Nitrex Nevada.

Copper plating supplied to Honeywell is classified as Type II plating, which masks selected areas of the metal part to prevent nitriding of the part’s substrate surface. Copper plating is done following AMS 2418 as well as the customer’s specific specifications.

The copper plating line at the Nevada facility can plate up to three rack loads and strip two rack loads of parts at the same time. In operation since 2015, the line received its NADCAP accreditation in November 2016. Today the line processes parts for aerospace primes as well as Formula 1 Racing.

“This additional approval from Honeywell reflects the growing recognition and value that Nitrex brings to the aerospace market – first with Nitreg® nitriding services and today with copper plating. Our strength is our ability to work closely with customers, expand and adapt our capabilities to support them in their growth, and ultimately to ensure that their mission-critical applications are expertly serviced to meet or exceed in-service component performance. I want to thank our customer for their trust and business and congratulate the entire Nevada team for this accomplishment,” said Jason Orosz, President of Nitrex Heat Treating Services (HTS).