Our in-field certification service is designed to comply with ISO and CQI-9 standards or with any other audit program requiring flow-meter certification. This service allows UPC-Marathon flow meters to be certified on-site and results in accurate, repeatable readings and improved process quality.

Our certified technicians chart the actual flow for each meter without the need to remove the flow meter or to stop production. Flow-meter certification is traceable to the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).

  • Review flow-meter calibration and certification history
  • Inspect and clean the flow meter and recommend replacement parts if necessary
  • If a flow meter requires repair:
    • Repair the flow meter before calibration. Note: only a limited number of spare parts are available with technician
    • If the flow meter cannot be repaired on-site, an appropriate recommendation will be made depending on the problem with the flow meter
  • Reassemble the flow meter and add new flow meter oil
  • Make adjustments if the flow meter is equipped
  • Connect UPC-Marathon special traceable test-metering instrumentation and chart actual flow rate
  • Re-verify electronic setting
  • Follow-up with a written report on flow-meter calibration
  • Record and archive the results on each flow meter in a UPC-Marathon database


Concurrent, independent flowmeter calibration should satisfy in-house calibration requirements and pass customer’s quality assurance inspection/audit.