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There are two major types of oxygen analyzers found in the aluminum industry: extractive and in-situ sensors.

Specifically designed for the harsh environment within glass and ceramics furnaces, the Alumina protection tube protects the in-situ oxygen sensor from the silica wash.

The UPC-Marathon "SureBurn" Combustion Optimization System completes the combustion cycle by maintaining the proper excess oxygen level required

Typically used in a coal-fired power boiler, the high temperature, in-situ oxygen sensor is generally installed in the boiler water-wall, above the nose arch and above each of the burner banks.

With the harsh atmosphere typical of the Incinerators and Process Heaters, an alumina protective outer sheath is recommended for higher temperature applications.

Designed to withstand the rigors of the steel mill environment - the silicon protective carbide sheath or alumina protective outer sheath is installed in the soak or high heat zones of a reheat furnace.

Rugged, verifiable, in-situ oxygen analyzers for combustion optimization in sulphuric acid production