UPC Pro is your go-to app for calculations relating to alloy factor, carbon/oxygen, endo generator, nitriding, nitrogen-methanol, resistance thermometers, shim test, thermocouple conversion, Waukee Flo-meter, and more. The app is intended to serve as a reference in the course of a heat treater’s daily work, whether developing heat treat recipes or corroborating process data.


Carbon/Oxygen – Determines carbon potential based on iron and carbon uptake in steel, using carrier gas composition and oxygen probe readings, CO2 Vol-% readings or dewpoint. Allows for 3-gas calculations, also taking methane reaction into account.

Other process variables such as soot limit for carbon in atmosphere at temperature and maximum solubility of carbon in iron and steel (carbide limit preventing cementite formation) are displayed.

Nitrogen Methanol – Allows calculation of flow rates and/or carbon monoxide percentage for a given total flow of carrier gas provided by a direct injection system for nitrogen-methanol mixtures. Includes a special feature that allows to observe the impact of ammonia addition on CO and H2 percentages.

Endo Generator – Calculates endogas composition based on CO2 Vol-%, oxygen probe reading, and dewpoint. Also allows for correction of the carbon potential of carrier gas using a 3-gas equation to adjust for residual methane.

T/C Conversion – Calculates the thermo-voltage for a given temperature or the temperature from a given thermo-voltage based on the thermocouple type selected. An allowance for cold junction compensation is accounted for when cold junction temperature is provided. Color codes per DIN EN 60584-1.

Shim Test – Calculates the carbon content based on the difference in the shim weight before and after exposure to process temperature and the base carbon content.

Nitriding – Calculates the furnace atmosphere composition, nitriding potential, water burette reading and dissociation degree (alpha) based on input flows – ammonia, dissociated ammonia, nitrogen, and hydrogen – and readings of either a hydrogen or an ammonia analyzer.

RTDs – Converts the electrical resistance of platinum thermistors to temperature and vice versa.

Alloy Factor – Calculates the alloying factor for carbon uptake of AISI or DIN standard steels as well as user-specified steel compositions. A database of AISI and DIN steels is included with the installation of UPC PRO. User can also build a personal database of user-specified steels.

Waukee Flo-Meter – Calculates the scaling factors for Waukee flow meters based on specific gravity, temperature, and pressure at calibration and operating conditions.

Converters – Converts Flow, Hardness, and Hardness values in one unit type to the equivalent value in another unit type. For Flow, converts cfh to m3/h and vice versa, and l/min to US gpm and vice versa. For Hardness, uses Rockwell C and B ranges to convert between popular scales. For Temperature, converts temperature from Fahrenheit to Celsius and vice versa.

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