Aerospace consortium orders nitriding systems

Four subsidiaries of the China Aviation Industry Corporation I, also known as AVIC I, a consortium of aircraft manufacturers serving the civil and military sectors, awarded Nitrex Metal purchase orders for nitriding systems equipped with Nitreg®-S technology for the processing of stainless steel aero parts. Guizhou Honglin Machinery Co. Ltd, Jincheng NEIAS, Shenyang Aircraft Industry, and Sichuan Chengfa Aero-Science & Technology Co. Ltd. have received or will receive NX-609 nitriding systems, size 24″ Ø by 36″ high (600 x 900 mm) and a load capacity 1300 lbs (600 kg). Nitrex Metal was selected for these projects based on its experience with other state-owned aviation companies and because of demonstrated expertise in the area of nitriding stainless steels.