Nitriding / Nitrocarburizing system for automotive ring gears

Nitrex Metal Inc. completed the installation of a new nitriding/nitrocarburizing system at Korean heat treater Dongwoo HST Ltd. The system is used primarily for processing Hyundai ring gears and includes 3 NitregŽ-based nitriding technologies for a number of steel types with process recipes for each product application. 
Besides the ring gear business, another impetus for the recent purchase is for Dongwoo HST to meet the country’s growing appetite for advanced heat treatments that offer superior capabilities. Through an exclusive licensing deal, Dongwoo HST now offers NitregŽ potential-controlled nitriding, NitregŽ-C nitrocarburizing, NitregŽ-S nitriding of stainless steels, as well as ONCŽ in-process post-nitriding/nitrocarburizing oxidation. 
The Nitrex furnace at the Dangjin site has a work zone of 39” diameter by 98” height (1000 mm x 2500 mm) and a gross load capacity of 6600 lbs (3000 kg). 
Nitrex Metal currently has licensees in 16 countries.