Nitrex Metal secured record orders for its turnkey gas nitriding systems from the aluminum extrusion industry in the first quarter of 2017. The orders include compact and large-pit furnaces with load capacities ranging between 1300-6600 lbs (600-3000 kg).

The strengthening of the building and construction industry as well as the increasing production of aluminum structures in the automotive sector drove the demand for new equipment investments in heat treating. Among the orders were replacements for outdated, low quality gas nitriders and fluidized bed nitriders, as well as new installations for the construction of new extrusion plants.

“We have achieved particular success in the aluminum extrusion industry because we guarantee the quality of our process and similarly provide technological advice on all aspects of the die life cycles and their impact on the bottom line of the customer’s extrusion operations,” stated Marcin Stoklosa, European Projects Manager at Nitrex Metal. “Employing a Nitrex turnkey system equipped with NITREG® technology will allow users to nitride/re-nitride aluminum extrusion dies for longer service life and longer extruder runs, which ultimately will achieve efficient and cost-effective extrusion operation.”

Nitrex Metal will provide installation, commissioning, and startup services including onsite testing, training of operator/production personnel, and technical support.