- Tony Karadimas: His Pivotal Role in Nitrex’s Global Aftermarket Brand -

Tony Karadimas: His Pivotal Role in Nitrex’s Global Aftermarket Brand

“It has been a year of building, developing, and executing a global strategy. From a Global Technical Support team to a fully implemented Technical Customer Support group, to an expansion of our global services and components catalog, the future is bright for our team and our customers,” points out Tony Karadimas.

As Nitrex’s Vice-President of Global Aftermarket Sales, a position he accepted in September 2020, Tony Karadimas is committed to implementing the company’s global strategic aftermarket support vision and playing a pivotal role in the growth and global strategy for the Aftermarket brand.

Since joining the Nitrex team, Tony has built a solid reputation, played a pivotal role in our business growth and global strategy for the Aftermarket brand, and has made sure that risk management is a core component in all key strategic decisions. In short, he has become a major asset, both to the company and to our customers.

With his impressive resume, which is a testament to his expertise and know-how, he brings a new strategic vision to the company’s service focus on a global scale. Dedicated and driven, he is always passionate about the topics affecting the service, support, maintenance, repair, and legacy sustainment side of the business. His M.O. is: “We are only as good as the support we provide for the products we manufacture.”

Tony has more than 24 years of experience in building product life-cycle management, repair and overhaul, manufacturing, engineering, and specialty qualification services for a multitude of organizations within the aerospace, military, medical, transportation, oil and gas, and industrial sectors. Some of his past achievements and held positions include Vice-President of Business Development, Product Life-cycle Management for J-Squared Technologies, and Director of Business Development for Ensil Canada. Tony also serves on the Board of Directors of Women in Aerospace and is a long-standing member and supporter of the Ontario Aerospace Council, AIAC, CADSI, Aero Montreal, and DefSec Atlantic.

With Tony leading the way, the Nitrex Global Aftermarket team is focused on providing product and service life-cycle support on a global scale, leveraging our unparalleled technical expertise to be the partner of choice, providing global solutions with a local presence, and developing support excellence today with a vision towards the future.



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