- June 2021 -

Month: June 2021

Nitrex Gives Back to the Heat Treat Community

Nitrex, a leading global provider of fully integrated heat-treating solutions and technologies, recently announced a giveaway contest to show its gratitude and appreciation to the extraordinary members of the heat-treating community who supported critical industries during the past year. As our Vice President of Global Aftermarket Sales, Tony Karadimas points out, “The past year has

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Tony Karadimas: His Pivotal Role in Nitrex’s Global Aftermarket Brand

“It has been a year of building, developing, and executing a global strategy. From a Global Technical Support team to a fully implemented Technical Customer Support group, to an expansion of our global services and components catalog, the future is bright for our team and our customers,” points out Tony Karadimas. As Nitrex’s Vice-President of

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