In-house Nitriding System at Automotive Springs Manufacturer

Nitrex Metal successfully installed and commissioned an NX-1230 potential-controlled nitriding system for processing automotive springs. The customer, Daewon Corp., based in Korea, is a high volume automotive parts manufacturer supplying global automakers such as Hyundai, Kia Motors, GM, Chrysler, Volkswagen, and many others.

Daewon previously used an outside supplier to nitride springs, but the company recognized that its interests would be better served by implementing this capability in-house. This new project is the result of Daewon’s past experience with a Nitrex-approved heat treater and their satisfaction with the reliability of the Nitreg® nitriding process that was key to the application’s success. Nitreg® nitriding of springs allows fatigue resistance to be improved for longer service life in automotive use. The technology also maintains tight dimensional tolerances (no distortion), excellent uniformity from part to part, and excellent repeatability between production runs. The system is capable of processing a load capacity up to 11,570-pound (5250-kg) and complies with the nitriding requirements laid out by AMS2759/10A.