Aerospace company orders 4-IN-1 nitriding system

Nitrex Metal shipped a four-in-one combination nitriding system to an aerospace company for the start-up phase of a new production line of stainless steel and nitralloy gears. The system combines four different technologies that include Nitreg® potential-controlled nitriding, Nitreg®-S for nitriding stainless steels, Nitreg® -C ferritic nitrocarburizing and ONC®  for in process post-nitriding/nitrocarburizing oxidation. The ability to perform all treatments in one furnace and the possibility to nitride with tightly controlled white layer thickness, including a deep case with zero white layer, were the main reasons Nitrex was chosen for this project. The system features a top-loading furnace with a 660-lb capacity (300 kg), a fully automatic control system with an ammonia sensor for early leak detection, a chart recorder, as well as an ammonia dissociator, and special racking used solely for performing a 9-point temperature uniformity survey in accordance with AMS2750.